Accidental Activist- Facing these threatening times head-on.

The word was out, I was fully engaged in The Resistance. I was reading everything “political”. I sought the right answer, or at least a good answer, to the question “What should I be doing?” I was signing petitions, researching new progressive organizations, calling my Senators and trying to prioritize where to put my time and money. As a result, those within my circle, logically wanting to save time, called and wrote me. They wanted to know what they could or should be doing. My email was filling up. Each day I learned about a new organization or local group that I wanted to research. I couldn’t keep up with it all. It became obvious that communicating one-to-one wasn’t going to work, something needed to change. When a friend suggested I blog, my first response was, “I’ve never even read a blog!” Nor was I on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I had no social media presence whatsoever. But after a couple days, the idea grew on me and I realized the benefits of blogging about what I was doing and learning. It made a lot more sense than shotgun emails.

So here’s what to expect from this site: there will be personal reflections and “reports from the field.”  Yes, you’ll get a little bit of what goes on in my head, but disseminating information is a large part of why I’m doing this. My objective is to get the word out when rapid response is called for, post links to news articles from trusted sources and share information on upcoming demonstrations, Town Hall meetings, etc. I don’t intend to duplicate weekly action plans, but I will post the best ones I come across each week. I’ll do my best to fact check what I post, but I’m human, and if you read something that just doesn’t feel right or that you know to be false, let me know and I’ll correct or delete as quickly as I can. And if you read a great article, come across an organization you think can make a difference, or hear of a demonstration or meeting I haven’t mentioned, let me know and I’ll post it to the site. After all, in the words of the woman who should have been president, “It takes a village.”

On a side note, you might be wondering, “What’s with the buffalo?” Yes, it’s a buffalo, not a bull. Don’t get me wrong, I think bulls are great, I’m a Taurus after all. But in this case, the buffalo is intentional and symbolic. When dark times lie ahead Buffalo can teach us an important lesson. When a storm approaches, cows run away from it in an effort to avoid danger. The buffalo react just the opposite, they charge directly into the storm. The buffalo gets through it quicker, while the cows prolong the torment as they continue to try to escape the inevitable. I want to be the buffalo. I want to face these threatening times head on.