The Women’s March on Washington already feels like a lifetime ago. The event itself was surreal. It’s beyond my ability to describe what it’s like to be inside a crowd of 500,000 people. As a participant, I didn’t experience 500,000 people. Instead, I was one person in a mini version of the Women’s March. In this mini version, I was surrounded by thousands of women and a few hundred men, bodies pressing from all sides. And these men and women in turn, were in their own mini marches, surrounded by thousands of women and hundreds of men. And so on, and so on. All these mini marches fused and became something bigger. But how big, I had no idea. I was just one small element, in one small march, propelled forward by other mini marches. I had no idea what that “something bigger” was. It was only after the fact that I got a sense of the magnitude of what we had been a part of.