Last Sunday Nick scrambled to make me a sign for the SFO protest. Up until then I had felt his quiet support for what I was doing, but it was definitely “my thing.” Now it’s a week later and Nick wants to join me at the NoWallsNoBan demonstration at Civic Center Plaza. My “Who’s the Criminal Now” sign gets another outing, this time with its author.

Protest Sign

It’s a smooth ride across the Golden Gate but once in the City I miss the entrance to the garage.  It’s a given, I always take a wrong turn, miss my exit, or get turned around when I’m the one driving. After circling the block a couple times I can feel Nick’s concern that we might miss the rally, so I drop him off and go in search of parking further afield. I eventually squeeze the MINI into a spot between a “NO PARKING! CONSTRUCTION ZONE” sign and a porta-potty several blocks away. I hope the parking police will be lenient under the circumstances. When I reach the Plaza I’m shocked to see the size of the rally. The crowds are growing with each demonstration, and from week to week. This is part of what feeds my need to show up; watching this evolution is amazing.

protest crowd

There’s no rain, the crowd is friendly and I can’t think of a better way for us to spend the afternoon. Nick would probably prefer to be sailing, but he’s out here with me; no question, I married an awesome guy. The speakers aren’t as eloquent as Michael Moore at the Women’s March, but we observe a Muslim prayer in the company of a couple thousand fellow demonstraters under a blue winter sky. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

We stay for a couple hours chanting “Tell me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like” and “No ban, no wall, immigrants are welcome here.” Then we take our leave and head to Absinthe to meet family for an early dinner. This is what I’m discovering, I don’t need to the the first person to arrive, or the last person standing. I just need to show up.