What a difference a week makes! It was just a week ago Friday when we were struck dumb when 45 issued the “Muslim Ban”. Many of us took to the airports and the streets to protest this unconscionable Executive Order. But this week we should stop a moment, reflect on the progress we have made and celebrate the victories we’ve won. Here are a few things we can be proud of and happy about:

  • Judge Robart issued a temporary restraining order, effective nationwide, in response to the lawsuit filed by the states of Washington and Minnesota
  • Appeals court rejects bid to quickly reinstate travel ban. 45’s first big setback!
  • Republicans withdraw their bill to sell 3.3M acres of public land to private interests due to public outcry
  • More Senators voicing the need for more time to plan a Repeal and Replace ACA simultaneously strategy, rather than go forward with Repeal without a plan for replacement
  • Travis Kalanik withdraws from 45’s economic advisory council after #DeleteUber goes viral
  • Obama’s protections for LGBT federal workers will not be rescinded
  • US corporations oppose anti-Muslim executive order
  • Renewed pressure for the House Oversight Committee to investigate 45’s conflicts of interest
  • Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism released bi-partisan statement on plans to investigate Russian election interference
  • Two GOP senators say they will vote NO on Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Vote currently stands at 50-50. Need just one more Republican to defect
  • Boy Scouts open participation to transgender boys
  • Seattle votes unanimously ┬áto cut ties with Wells Fargo over the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Baby Fatemah gets to enter the US for heart surgery

So when friends ask “do you really think the calls you make and the demonstrations you attend really make a difference?” I can now reply, “I KNOW THEY DO!!”