The objective was simple – gather enough people at Ocean Beach to spell out the word RESIST with our bodies. Brad Newsham, a local activist, has organized similar protests in the past.

Talk about a beautiful day. The sky was blue, the clouds had parted, and we could feel the sun on our skin for the first time in ages. As we made our way to the beach we came upon a special message, a confirmation that the day was blessed.

Lands End Peace Monument

By the time we reached the group there were already enough people to fill up the outlines of the letters. By 12 noon when the helicopter arrived to shoot the scene, Newsham estimated 4,000 people were on the beach.

Because we arrived a little later than most our little group was assigned to the the human underline. Can you find us? Remember “where’s Waldo?”


Notice that one of the exclamation points is bright pink? Totally cool!

After four weekends of demonstrations, I have to admit I was up for something a bit more playful. Today definitely fit the bill. What’s better than being surrounded by babies, puppies, sand and a whole lot of righteous pink enthusiasm?

Yes, a totally magical day.