I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one that’s suffering from a bit of Resistance Fatigue. I thought maybe I was an activist wimp, good for a couple protests, but not much more. I admit I was relieved when I opened Monday’s Wall-of-Us weekly action list and read Action 2. It was right there in black and white, “Even superheroes get tired. Resistance fatigue is real.” Ok, so if superheroes get tired, then it’s not surprising that us mere mortals might be too.

As of last Friday I realized it had been over two weeks since I launched this site and I hadn’t added a single post. What’s going on I wondered? Has the well run dry already? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a busy little activist, but I haven’t written about it. Why not? The whole purpose of this site was to share information, both personal and the “in the streets” action stuff. So why none of the “personal” stuff these last couple weeks? I’ve been ruminating on that a lot and I think I’ve found the answer. At the moment I’m too tired to be a cheerleader, and cheerleader is what I wanted to be. If I can’t stay pumped up, how am I supposed to fan the flames in others? Once again I’m reminded that I’m not all powerful and that it’s not up to me to singlehandedly carry the torch into battle each day. This is a lesson I keep needing to learn; as disappointing as it might be, I’m no superhero. So I took Sunday off. No newspapers or cable news, no rallies or meetings, and I skipped the Sunday evening resistance training conference call. I took a walk, went to a birthday party, and told a friend that I wouldn’t make it to the Indivisible General Meeting. She picked up the ball and went in my stead. ¬†What did I learn? I learned that I need to take a day off more often.